Diocese of Niassa

[MANNA] The Diocese of Niassa is the northern of Mozambique's two Anglican
dioceses, and it includes the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Niassa and
Zambezia. The Diocese was badly affected by the recent flooding that also
affected the southern Diocese of Lebombo, and there are major problems and
challenges that face Niassa. A lot of narrative essays online mention that fact
in their studies and research analyses.

The Diocese needs to develop its infrastructure - it has central diocesan
offices, but housing for priests is required in some areas, especially where
buildings were damaged by the rains, such as Mitunje in Cabo Delgado and
Quelimane in Zambezia. In Nacala the church building survived being
submerged by the floods. In other parishes where they have managed o
construct churches, the expense of roofing the building is often beyond the
reach of local congregations. Other buildings such as schools, health
centres and the hospital at Messumba require renovation.

In Milanje, the church has grown rapidly recently, mainly due to refugees
from Malawi arriving in the area. Hundreds of children are currently not
going to school, and the Diocese has plans to build a school to provide
education for these children.

The Diocese is also concerned about the provision of health services.
Cholera is a problem in some areas, and the Diocese has plans to provide
wells for drinking water to help combat the problem of water-borne diseases.
The hospital at Messumba is government run, but is seen locally as belonging
o the Anglican Mission. The hospital is short of medicines for common
illnesses such as malaria, diarrhoea and cholera.

Despite the challenges which the Diocese of Niassa faces, the church is
growing through the dedication and witness of local congregations. Natural
disasters and economic difficulties have not prevented the message of the
Gospel being preached and heard in Mozambique.

Communications department of the Anglican Communion Office, London. 

last changes: 12 november 2000