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Parliamentary Research: Theory, Practice, Advice, and Opinion
articles by Bill Robinson & Janice Hyde; Nina Serafino; & Ray Copson
selected CRS reports & issues briefs
Parliamentary Research in Southern Africa
The SA Parliament and its Role in Political and Economic Transformation
        Compiled by the South African Parliamentary Research Unit
ALLISSA Founded in Cape Town
       by James Retief, Head: Library, Research and Information Services,

      Western Cape Parliament
Library of the Western Cape Parliament, Research and Information Division
      by James Retief
Parliamentary Research in the United States
Other Resources
SAIA's List of Civil Society and Democracy Web Sites


     The SAIA Parliamentary Information (SPI) project is devoted to assisting researchers and policy analysts at parliamentary libraries and parliamentary research services among the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries. Individuals and organizations with business before the parliaments of the region may also find the service useful.

     Researchers in southern Africa are invited to place requests with SAIA/SPI for information that can't be readily obtained locally. SAIA will endeavor to find what you are seeking or to point you to resources that will have the answers you are looking for. We have already helped researchers find information on campaign finance reform, the Rwanda crisis of 1994, and useful internships in the United States, among other topics. You may email your requests to [email protected] or [email protected]. Requests can also be faxed to 703 758-0936.

Parliamentary Research in Southern Africa

Parliamentary Research in the United States

     SPI also provides researchers with links to help them find needed information on their own. Much useful information can be obtained from the websites of the support agencies of the U.S. Congress.
General Accounting Office (GAO)
GAO, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress, has posted a wealth of information about itself on the web. Click on GAO Policy/Guidance Publications for information on how GAO does its research. Reports and testimony are also available.
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
The CBO's economic projections and authoritative analyses of the President's annual budget give it tremendous influence.
Congressional Research Service (CRS)
The Congressional Research Service strives to offer balanced and objective information and analysis on almost every issue of interest to Congress. Its reference librarians and subject specialists answer hundreds of thousands of congressional requests each year by phone, through individualized memoranda, and through issue briefs and reports.

Other Resources

In coming weeks, SPI will be listing many websites where parliamentary researchers can find useful information. Please feel free to email the addresses of your own favorite sites. Meanwhile, you may be interested in the following.
Here are some sites I find useful in my Africa-related research. More to come in future weeks.