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We welcome you to the web site of the Diocese of Kigezi. The best writing services made sure this particular site is always up to standards of our clients.

We enter the new millenium with a myriad of challenges.  In Africa, these challenges are spiritual (including moral decay and lost souls), socio-economic (poverty), health (problems such as AIDS, malaria, and others), and political challenges. 

There are, however, tremendous opportunities to meet these challenges.  The greatest opportunity to meet these challenges and to ensure man's salvation and true liberation lies in the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

The Church, more than any other institution in human history, holds the prospect for successfully addressing these challenges.  For that to happen, however, the Church will need renewal and a new vibrancy in order for it to continue to undertake the great commission of making disciples, baptizing and teaching. 

The Church will have to reach the whole person through evangelism and human development.  Since its establishment, the Diocese of Kigezi has continued to "carrying out its missionary mandate and fulfill its socio-economic and political obligation" to the population. 

This web site explains the mission of the Diocese of Kigezi, its efforts to undertake the great mission, its programmes and its vision for the future. 

In Christ,

The Rt. Reverend George Katwesigye

Bishop, Diocese of Kigezi

Kabale, Uganda


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