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Work and Programmes

The Diocese's main objective is to offer a holistic Ministry.  Through its grassroots participatory approaches and in collaboration with various partners, the Diocese has set up a whole range of programmes and activities to deal with the above problems.  The following programmes have been established:

  • Mission and Evangelism for spiritual revival, unity, and reconciliation;
  • Education to improve the academic stand in our schools;
  • Children, Youth and Women ministry;
  • Human resource development;  and
  • Christian Education and Stewardship outreach in the Diocese. 

Mission and Evangelism

Through the Mission and Evangelism Department, the Diocese is rekindling the spiritual revival that will evangelize the whole man using a variety of methods including:

  • training of both laity and clergy in mission;
  • equipping the ministry of evangelism;
  • expanding the ministry of Christian counselling;
  • properly identifying target groups;
  • emphasizing discipleship;
  • holding evangelism missions with follow up at the parish level;
  • organizing seminars, workshops, conventions and conferences for both clergy and laity to equip them for mission and evangelism;  and 
  • involving all groups of people in evangelism programmes--the youth, women, and laity.   

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Programmes of the



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