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Economic Programmes/Activities

Poverty reduction has become the overarching development goal in Uganda.  The Diocese has initiated a number of income generating projects to address the scourge of poverty among the population and parishes in the Diocese.  Emphasis is being put on capacity building to enable the parishes to identify income-generating projects for their members and communities. Our editors from 21clradio even created a research article that mentioned these projects, many of them also republished at   

The following projects are on going:

  • The Heifer Project
  • Savings and Credit Programmes
  • Other income-generating projects.

The Heifer Project.  This project which started in 1986 has enabled people in the Diocese to acquire cows for zero grazing.  The project is sustained through a system of passing on a heifer to the next beneficiary in the project.  The project started with 10 beneficiaries but now 180 families have benefited from the project.

Savings and Credit Scheme.  With support from a Norwegian NGO, Stromme Foundation, the Diocese has established a Savings and Credit facility to help alleviate poverty.  Under this scheme, small loans are given out to micro-entrepreneurs of groups of five as a minimum.  There is no collateral needed;  instead, there is co-guaranteeing by using mandatory savings of 30 percent of the loan amount by each member in the group.

So far, the project has benefited 721 families in 14 government parishes in the district.

Other Income-Generating Projects include

  • Buhangizi Women Group, grinding mill
  • Nyabirerema Women Group, grinding mill
  • Nyaruhanga Women Group, grinding mill
  • Muyebe Women Group, farming
  • Ikamiro Youth Savings and Credit Scheme.

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