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Youth Programmes

Youth constitute the biggest single population group in the country.  In 1995, the Diocese started a Youth Programme to mobilise and evangelise youth to keep them in the Church and to help them to grow as Christians and useful members of society.  Under the youth programme, a Sports Ministry has been established and is being supported by KRIK--Norway and Sports Outreach Ministry from the USA

A Youth Exchange Programme (YEP) has been established to strengthen the link between the Diocese of Kigezi and Norway.  Young people (21-22 years old) come from Norway to work with the Diocese for a period of six to twelve months.  They are assigned tasks such as teaching in schools, working with orphans, street children, clinics, AIDS programme, and so forth.  The Diocese also sends young people to Norway for specific programmes.  Under this programme, a total of 10 youths from Norway have worked in the Diocese for a total of 80 months and two youths from the Diocese have been sent to Norway to attend short courses and visit youth groups.

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