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Water Programmes/Activities

Provision of safe drinking water is one of the main development challenges facing the Diocese and the country.  It is estimated that only 54 percent of the population in the country have access to clean drinking water.  The Diocese started a Water Department in 1986, among other things, to 

  • provide clean and safe drinking water to communities;
  • increase daily domestic water consumption to 15-20 litres per head;
  • reduce time spent on water haulage typically from 3-4 woman-hours to no more than 1-1/2 woman-hours per day per household;
  • build capacity in communities to sustain water projects through local ownership and management.

The Department has a number of activities including gravity water schemes, tanks for schools, rain water catchments and water jars, and protected springs.  The following table gives the number of activities completed and the estimated number of beneficiaries:

Activity No. Completed Beneficiaries
Water gravity 21 27,800 households
Tanks for schools 51 21,400 schools
Rain water jars 3,032 18,192 households
Protected springs 800 121,818 households

It can be seen from this table that the water activities are benefiting many communities and households.

The water programme is expanding in the Diocese and has developed into a "centre of excellence" that has won the confidence of both Government and donors.   The Diocese water programmes have been funded by, among others, the British Embassy, Canadian Embassy, Swiss Action Return, EZE, European Union (EU), and the Irish Embassy.  Current donors include Tear Fund, Department for International Development (DFID), the Presiding Bishop's Fund (USA), and the Uganda Government. 

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