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Health Programmes

The Diocese has a vibrant health ministry that provides preventive/promotive and curative services.  The Diocese is running a number of health facilities and programmes.

The Diocese established a Health Centre at Rugarama (Diocese Headquarters) in 1983 to supplement Government health provision by providing good quality and affordable health services.  The centre is now a referral centre for premature babies, HIV screening and optic health.  It carries out immunization and has a special programme for malnourished children and HIV/AIDS patients.  The Centre provides out-patient services and has 46 in-patient beds.  It has two doctors (one part-time), an outreach clinic and is constructing an eye clinic with support from Truro Episcopal Church, Virginia, USA.

The Diocese used to run Kigezi hospital which has an out-patient department and over 200 in-patient beds.  The hospital now comes under the Diocese of North Kigezi with the Diocese of Kigezi as a member of the Board of Management of the hospital.  

In 1991, the Diocese started an AIDS Control Programme to educate people about HIV/AIDS transmission mechanisms, encourage wholesome behaviour and attitudes, and to give practical and emotional care to the HIV/AIDS infected people.  The Diocese has also identified and registered about 50,000 orphans.  It has set up the following programmes to support and care for the orphans by providing school fees, uniforms and scholastic materials, food and counseling:

  • Stromme Foundation, sponsoring 839 orphans with support from Norway.
  • Compassion International, supporting 3,476 including those in TOUCH (Truro Outreach to Ugandan Children) from Truro Episcopal Church, Virginia, USA.
  • African Evangelistic Enterprise/K.N.H. (Children Need Help) from Germany is supporting 201 orphans.  
  • African Team Ministries from the USA is supporting 43 orphans.

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