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Theological Education by Extension Programme of the Church of Uganda

"Equipping and Empowering Faithful

Servants for God's Ministry within Their Context"



There is an acute shortage of theologically well-trained Christians in leadership positions of various departments in the dioceses, parishes and schools/colleges.  It has proved very expensive for dioceses to sponsor many students in residential theological colleges.  The population explosion in secondary and tertiary institutions need theologically informed Christian teachers and chaplains.  The rural-urban migration has led to rapid growth of urban communities with diverse characteristics.  The church needs to train leaders who can meet this challenge.  


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Theological Education by Extension (TEE) became "the Brigade" for all to be theologically equipped without leaving their job to meet this need. 


Why TEE as a Method of Teaching?

Theological Education by Extension (TEE) is a form of distance education with tutorial support.  Extension education entails the idea of taking the education to where the learner is so that one can study in one's context.  TEE brings theological education to your doorstep and enables you to receive the benefits of higher education and Christian ministry.  Do theology in an open, exploring and contextual way which is relevant to both your work and faith.  


TEE is therefore learner-oriented, church-related, Bible-based and ministry-centered.  TEE is a well-proven, worldwide method of study:  contextual, community based, affordable and economically viable to many low-income earners who would like to upgrade their qualifications.  It is for all those who cannot afford full time residential training due to their very busy responsibilities.  


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Theological Education by Extension Programme  (TEE)      


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