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No one can doubt that advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research are rather important to mention fto newbies, as sometimes they just avoid this part of projects due to inexperience.

Within the Youth Association, we do have some guilds, namely:  St. Agnes' for girls and St. Joseph's for boys.  St. Agnes' guild was formed in 1995 and St. Joseph's guild in 1985 in the district of Buhera at St. Bernard's Chimvuri.  These guilds were formed for the reason that according to our African custom there are certain issues which must be addressed separately.  For example, boys are attached to a Men's group known as Vabvuwi and girls to Mother's Union.  

Through these guilds, we believe that the church should be able to mould young people to become God-fearing and responsible citizens of our nation.

Main Activities

Local District Level

All young people meet once every week and usually after Sunday church service to discuss issues of common interest, sing, pray, and encourage each other and at the District level, they meet once every month for fellowship.

They are also involved in small income generating projects, such as brick moulding, running small tuck shops, T-shirt selling, and poultry.

Diocesan Level

At the end of each year (December) all the young people are invited to a conference for four day.  It is attended by about 300-500 members.  In the past, this number used to be higher than this but because of financial constraints to pay transport to the conference, the number is decreasing.  At the conference, there are activities such as Bible Study, sporting, community service, presentations or special topics or subjects covering issues affecting young people, music and drama competitions, discussions and giving witness.

  • Since some of the youths are orphans due to AIDS, we also have some AIDS workshops conducted at various Districts and whenever the youth meet at the conference, they raise money to assist some of the orphans.
  • We are in the process of starting a candle moulding (making) project so as to raise some money to cover some of the youth activities.
  • Once a month, the young people are encouraged to lead Sunday services so as to involve and encourage them to feel that they are part of the worshipping community.

Future Plans

Young people in the diocese are looking forward to having a full time Youth Worker (if funds permit) who will co-ordinate all their activities.

Since most of the young people are not employed, we hope to have a skills training centre in the diocese so as to train them to be self-employed.

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