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Mother's Union

"We Are Peacemakers"

Our Mission

The Mothers' Union objectives are well known.  In a nutshell, our mission as Christian mothers is to promote Christian marriage and family life as well as conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children.  In response to an increasingly polarised society, the economic hardships our country is facing and the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we have chosen as our motto for 2002-2003:  "We are peacemakers."


The Mothers' Union is open to all Anglican mothers who are communicants in their churches.  In February 2002, our membership stood at 7,833.  The Mothers' Union is experiencing a steady growth in membership throughout the diocese as nearly every Anglican woman aspires to become a member.

For further information, please contact

Mothers' Union Office 

113 Herbert Chitepo Street



How We Operate


We employ two full-time Mothers' Union workers who coordinate all activities from the Mothers' Union office.  They, together with voluntary area-workers, go out and visit the various parts of our large diocese, thereby keeping us in touch with our members at the grass roots level. 

We have six committees addressing and assisting with the various aspects of our activities, namely:

  • Evangelism,
  • Finance,
  • Findraising,
  • Link,
  • Education, and 
  • Outreach.

We also issue a bi-monthly newsletter.

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