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I always prefer to write my discussion post online even if I have an option to write a draft first. This way my thoughts are more organized and don't lack perspective.

A Clergy is a member of the house of clergy who is distinguished from the laity by ordination.  As a priest, a Clergy is the Shepherd of the flock.  (Luke 12:32, John 17: 16) by calling, and a leader or pastor of a congregation.  

An ordination is a rite by which the church sets apart priests, whom we believe to be called and specifically gifted for the ministry of sacraments, preaching of the word and for pastoral care of the church of God.

At ordination, the priest vows to uphold the catholic faith, to use the Book of Common Prayer, and to be bound by the fundamental principles, Acts and Canons of the Diocese.

The priest takes the oath of canonical obedience before the Bishop.  Hence, hands are laid upon the ordinand.  The priest is anointed with holy oil by the Bishop;  thus being "set apart" and being given the authority of the church to carry out the priestly ministry.

Mission Statement

The phrase mission statement is derived from the Latin word "Missio," meaning to be sent.  Therefore a mission statement is the summarised message carried by the one being sent.  It is said that the Mission Statement of Jesus Christ is found in Luke 4:18:

"The spirit of God is upon me for he has sent me to preach the good news to the poor, heal the broken hearted . . . "

It is noted that any organisation has a mission statement.  It reveals what the organisation stands for, it shows focus.  Hence from Luke 4:18, we can clearly say Jesus came to preach the good news to the poor and healed the broken hearted as portrayed in the four gospels.  Therefore, our mission is to equip the church through the preaching of the Word and administration of Sacraments.


A vision is the power to anticipate, that which may come to be (Habakkuk 3:2).  A vision is like a dream.  A priest must be visionary and dream like Joseph of the Old Testament.  The priest must have a vision for the church.  For the church being pastored by a priest without a vision does not grow, as it becomes stagnant or dead.  

Our vision of the church is to see it grow and have a vehement relationship with Jesus Christ.  A relationship which is mature in knowing and living by scripture, genuine love for one another, families standing strong and finally the church becoming mature in giving, offerings, tithes and taking care of the sick, orphans, widows and the poor.

For more information, please contact

Canon A. Makoni

Holy Name Matsika Parish

Box 112, Rusape

Tel.:  025-36005

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