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Cathedral Parish of 

St. John the Baptist, Mutare


St. John the Baptist Cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese of Manicaland.  It is located in the Eastern City of Mutare, near the Mozambican border.  St. John the Baptist has grown from humble origins.  In 1891, Bishop Knight Bruce arrived in Mutare and regular services were held in the Old Mutare from then on.  It was a year later on St. John the Baptist Day, in 1892 that the plans for the first St. John's Church signed and twenty-eight days later the church was ready for occupation.  It was built of wattle and daub and was replaced with a more substantial building which still stands on the old site.

In 1896, the town moved to its present site where the third and fourth churches dedicated in honour of St. John the Baptist were built in 1896 and 1936, respectively.  St. John became the Cathedral at the founding of the Diocese of Manicaland on July 1, 1981.

Mission Statement

The cathedral mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, encouraging everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ (Colossians 2:18).  Everything we do at the cathedral is designed to help us with this single overarching purpose.

Aims and Objectives

  • To proclaim the good news and share what God has done in Jesus with everyone that we possibly can.
  • To worship in such a way that people experience God's presence and respond with adoration, praise and thanksgiving.
  • To bring people in to a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and disciple them to wholeness and spiritual growth through teaching and nurturing.
  • To be a genuine community which welcomes all people with love and care for one another, and which provides a safe environment for learning to follow Jesus and experiencing God's grace.
  • To serve our local community and beyond in the name of Jesus and to bring glory to God.
  • To help other churches become more effective in their ministry of sharing and living the good news of Jesus.

Cathedral Offices

Cathedral offices are located at 113 Herbert Chitepo Street, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Telephone             263-20-62237


The Dean              The Very Revd. Erick Ruwona

Telephone             263-11-750 491



Address                82 2nd Street, Mutare

Assistant priest     Revd. Peter Mabhundu

Telephone             263-20-63910

Address                82 2nd Street, Mutare 

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