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Lay ministry means different things to different people.  It is generally understood that a layperson is any non-ordained person and the word ministry refers to offering help or aid.  In some churches, the layperson's duties may be limited to specified, selected and traditional functions such as singing in the choir or teaching a Sunday school class or adult Bible class.  

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In other churches, lay people assist with duties requiring more specialized training and responsibility, such as hospital visitations, evangelism and counseling.  

Although the role may differ from church to church, the intent is the same universally.  Lay ministers are people in the Body of Christ following the scriptural admonition to serve one another (Galatians 5:13) and equip the saints (Ephesians 4:12a).


The reason for having the laity share responsibilities of ministry with the clergy is obvious.  One ordained minister alone, even when assisted by other clergy, simply cannot be all things to all people!  No single priest can meet the total demands of a congregation more importantly, it is scriptural.  


One of the major problems for the laity is to discover their gifts and how to use them in the church.  The question is:  How does one go about discovering one's gifts and ministries? Does one wait for an angel to appear or expect to hear?  

Some lay persons need to be assisted to know the gifts God has given them.  There are some practical steps that can be taken in seeking to find god's will in an individual's life.  Firstly, read and understand what the Scriptures have to say about gifts and ministries.  Secondly, do some introspection and self-analysis to determine where one's unique attributes fit into the overall ministry of the church.  Thirdly, take appropriate action. 

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