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Anglican Communion

Province of Central Africa

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Diocesan Primary Schools

The Diocese has established schools at the following centres in order to achieve its goals.

St. Anne's Goto

P Bag 2119 Wedza

Phone:  022-2948


St. Joseph's Murehwa

P Bag 7061



Little St. Augustine's

P.O. Penhalonga

Phone:  020-22217/22498


St. Francis' Newengo

P Bag J 7115 Mutare

Phone:  028-280


St. Gabriel's Chirarwe

P Bag J 7196



Holy Family Nyatsanza

P.O. Box 30 Hauna

Phone:  028-293


St. Christopher's Mangoro

P.O. Bos 75



St. Peter's Mandea

P.O. Box 70 Hauna

Phone:  028-2081


St. David's Bonda

P.O. Bonda Mutare

Phone:  020-3065


St. Francis's Pimai

P.O. Box 41



St. Faith's Rusape

P Bag 8001 Rusape

Phone:  025-35502


Ascension Samaringa

P.O. Box 90



St. George's Muchena

P.O. Box 80 Penhalonga

Phone:  020-22435


Holy Cross Shundure

P/A Bazeley Bridge



St. James' Zongoro

P.O. Box 80 Mutare

Phone:  020-212513


St. Stephen's Nyazura

P.O. Box 103



St. Mattias' Tsonzo

P.O. Box 10 Watsomba

Phone:  028-25886


St. Werburgh's Chigodora

P Bag P 7043 Mutare

Phone:  020-81042


St. Michael's Matura

P Bag P 3043



Manunure Primary

P.O. Box 85




Cathedral Parish of St. John the Baptist


Theological Education Commission


Anglican Youth Association


Mothers' Union


Lay Ministers' Guild


Lay Training


Mission, Evangelism, and Stewardship


Zimbabwe Anglican Vabvuwi



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   + Secondary Schools


Health Service

   +Medical Institutions


Orphanage Homes

  + St. Augustine's

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