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The Diocese has over the years provided health care to the community. Our essays writers mentioned this in the research projets that was recently published at the main page.

It has one hospital that is Bonda which is used as a referral Dirstrict Hospital and has over the years been training State Certified Nurses (SCN).  It is in the process now of upgrading SCN to State Registered Nurses (SRN).

There are four health centres and three under construction.  These facilities are in almost all the diocesan districts except for Chimanimani and Chipinge. 

Mission Statement

To provide the best quality care to all without discrimination.

To stretch our hand and touch the needy and suffering.  The man with leprosy, Jesus stretched his hand and touched him (Mark 1:40).


  • To promote the best health care delivery system, where the community will find hope and comfort;  and
  • To have a holistic approach to the needs of all who pass through our health care delivery system. 

For more information, contact

Mrs. V. D. Nkomo, Director of Health Services


  • To have a Hospice centre for the care of terminally ill.  This centre will be used for counselling, spiritual and physical care of the affected/infected.
  • To have a comprehensive health education system.
  • To have an effective Home Based Care programme for the management of the terminally ill.
  • To have registers in all districts for orphans and child headed families.
  • To visit orphans in the institutions.
  • To strengthen Mother Child Health Care (MCH) activities.
  • To have more structures put up especially in districts where there are none.
  • To source funds for the implementation of the above programmes.
  • To be accountable and liaise with government in all the projects.
  • To uphold the highest standard of nursing.
  • To encourage participation of the community in running of the institutions.
  • Strengthen HIV/AIDS programmes.  

For a list of diocesan medical institutions, click here.

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