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Zimbabwe Anglican Vabvuwi


Anglican Vabvuwi ("Fishers of Men") is a men's organization in the Anglican Church formed in 1958.  The association was formed out of the need to assist in spreading the word of God to the people and also conduct prayers in areas where there were no priests but there were church members.

The group faced some problems of recognition in its early years of operation.  It was on 12th of August 1969 that the association was fully recognised and incorporated into the Anglican Church.  

The Vabvuwi have other principles they wanted to fulfill and enhance in their Christian lives so as to remain in close contact with the Lord.  Vabvuwi do not operate in isolation.  They are taught how to preach and to take church services by the clergy.  Men who are married in church can be admitted to the association.

The work of Vabvuwi is to preach and spread the gospel to the people as proclaimed by Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20).

The Vabvuwi as a lay movement of the church operate under the supervision of the Bishop.  The founder of the Vabvuwi is Baba Paul Mudowaya of Honde Valley, who is the Honorary President of Vabvuwi.  To date there are over 350 Vabvuwi in the Diocese of Manicaland.

Mission Statement

To go into the world, preach and teach the gospel of Jesus to the sick, the needy, the suffering, the lost and all humankind.  To seek the lost, to revive the weak and lapsed, to help the needy, to comfort the bereaved and above all to recruit new members as the Holy Spirit directs (Matthew 10). 

For more information, contact

The Chairman, Mr. Kutesera

Tel.:  020-30452 (home), 

or 020-60825 (business)

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