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Cathedral Parish of 

St. John the Baptist, Mutare

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  • The cathedral has the Annual Vestry as the supreme policy making body.
  • The vestry also elects church wardens, councillors and representatives to the Diocesan Synod.
  • The council will in turn appoint subcommittees from among its members or other persons as it may deem fit, who make recommendations to the parish council.  The parish council also appoints a treasurer.

Cathedral Subcommittees

  • Evangelism, stewardship and outreach;
  • Liturgy, worship and pastoral care;
  • Finance; and 
  • Property, building and transport.


Cathedral Chapter

  • The cathedral has a Chapter, which consists of four capitular canons chosen from among licensed clergy of the diocese.  The Chapter regulates the installation, dress and duties of the dean and Chapter with cathedral.  It also makes prior approval of faculty of new building concerning St. John the Baptist Cathedral and its precincts.

The Dean

  • The Dean is also the Rector of the Cathedral and Archdeacon of Mutare Urban consisting of six ecclesiastical divisions.

The Assistant Priests

  • The Dean is assisted by one full time priest who has a special responsibility of organizing parish Liturgy and Worship;  and
  • We have three honorary assistants.

Church Wardens, Treasurer and Parish Secretary

  • Two church wardens are elected annually by joint consent of the Dean and vestry.  They assist the Dean in both pastoral and administrative duties of his office.  Deputy church wardens are appointed by the parish council.
  • Parish treasurer is responsible for all our financial records.
  • The cathedral has a parish secretary and two caretakers who clean and maintain our grounds.

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Cathedral Parish of St. John the Baptist


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