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Health Service

HIV/AIDS Initiatives

  • To provide a basic package for palliative care treatment and prevention of opportunistic infections.
  • Increase capacity of families and communities to care for persons infected/affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Increase skills for care givers, religious leaders, lay leaders, and community leaders in speaking publicly and counselling privately about HIV/AIDS.

What We Desire to Achieve

  • Minimisation of the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Enhancing quality of life for PLWHA and reduce suffering.
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Empower people living with HIV/AIDS to cope with illness and practice preventative behaviour.
  • To co-ordinate HIV/AIDS Programmes.

Bonda Hospital 

Bonda is situated in the Mutasa District.  It is a 165 bedded hospital, which acts as the designated district hospital for the district and has 36 clinics under it. 


The staff compliment should be 45 nurses, 3 doctors, but at present we have a shortage of 8 nurses and one doctor.  The hospital caters for all patients suffering from different conditions. 


Eye programme--this is run by an eye surgeon from Masvingo Province and the provincial ophthalmologist.

Home Based Care

This is a voluntary programme attached to Bonda clinic with one state registered nurse, supervising and visiting patients in the community.  Running HIV/AIDS awareness and training volunteers.

School of Nursing

Intake is 22 nurses per year;  at the moment it is running a one-year conversion programme from state certified nurse to state registered nurse. 

For a list of diocesan medical institutions, click here.

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