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Lay Ministers' Guild

Aim of the Guild

The diocese intends to equip lay ministers with a better understanding of scripture, acts of the Diocese and skills that will enable them to become effective ministers in their local churches. 


  • To promote Anglican ethos through Christian education, exposure and sharing;
  • To help lay ministers deepen their commitment to Christ and perform their duties with confidence and integrity;
  • To train lay ministers in basic counseling, Biblical studies, pastoral care and liturgy;  and 
  • To maintain order and discipline in the Church.

Duties of Lay Ministers

As is the tradition of the Anglican Church, the duties of lay ministers are as follows:

  • Assisting the priest at Holy Eucharist by distributing elements;
  • Reading lessons and prayers for the church;
  • Leading matins in the absence of a priest;
  • Preaching God's word;
  • Visiting people on behalf of the church;
  • Burying the dead;  and
  • Instructing baptism and confirmation classes.

With the escalation of deaths each week as a result of HIV/AIDS related diseases, burying the dead has become the most challenging and heart-breaking responsibility of our lay ministers.  We still have a number of rural areas that do not have priests.

Due to the above problems, the diocese has found it imperative to equip law leaders with skills in pastoral counseling to the sick and bereaved families in our parishes.

The Guild shall endeavour to fund its own activities whenever possible so as to instill a sense of ownership among members of the guild.


The New Testament teaching on "Body ministry" exhorts the entire congregation to share in ministering to one another. (1 Cor. 12)

Christianity was never meant to be a passive religion with its adherents sitting by, watching a selected few do all the kingdom's work.  We all have a part to play to the glory of God Almighty.

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