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Annual Conference.  In August, we hold our annual conference to which all members are invited.  We meet at a different mission station each year in order to reach all our members.  The attendance is usually around 700 for four days, Wednesday to Sunday.  

On the programme are group Bible study;  counseling of members with specific needs;  presentations on current issues like legal rights of women, HIV/AIDS, child abuse;  a healing service conducted by the Bishop;  fundraising activities and reports by office bearers and committees.  There is always an all-night vigil where the women stay up singing, praying, preaching, and giving testimonies, thereby encouraging one another to carry on in our mission. 

Training.  We conduct training sessions in leadership on a train-the-trainer basis and have planned other workshops, such as on HIV/AIDS and home-based care in response to the pandemic, which takes a very high toll on our population.

Plans for the Future

  • While we give regular support to our two diocesan orphanages, we would like to do more for the ever-increasing number of orphans due to HIV/AIDS.
  • We also intend to expand the widow's programme as there is great demand for assistance for small projects.
  • There is need to further develop the counselling programme to include bereavement, widowhood, marital problems, HIV/AIDS, child abuse, rape and the like.  

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