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Theological Education by Extension

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Our Vision

  • To adequately equip all God's people, both lay and ordained for ministry, spiritual formation, growth, Christian service through open and continuing theological education in order that a person who serves God may be "fully qualified and convinced to do every kind of good work."  (2 Tim. 3:17).
  • To encourage and promote creativity that will serve as a catalyst for the emergence of new forms of training church ministers in a way that is appropriate, affordable, and relevant for various groups and challenges. 

Target Groups

  • Clergy, Lay Readers/Leaders who want to upgrade and other church leaders such as Clergy's and Bishops' wives who are interested in Theological Education.  

Present Status

Presently, we have over 118 students from 12 dioceses who are registered with the awarding institutions and 60 new applicants, and out of all, 20 percent are women.

We have well qualified Enablers/Facilitators of the programme handling various courses in difference dioceses.

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Theological Education by Extension Programme  (TEE)      


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