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Theological Education by Extension

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Study Materials

They are provided by the provincial TEE coordinator's office and Uganda Christian University.  These materials have been prepared by professors from theological institutions in East Africa, such as Uganda Christian University, Daystar University, Nairobi University, and St. Mark's University-Tanzania.


  1. Weekly tests and assignments (count to overall course work grade which counts 30 percent).
  2. Examinations conducted at the end of every semester.  These count 70 percent. 

New Programmes

Plans are underway to begin writing materials for the  Bachelor of Theological Studies.


We are looking for partners and friends, Christians who want to become part of this programme of god's work in Uganda.  Your support in prayers and finances can make a big difference for the students, enablers/facilitators and the church in Uganda.  

Our Needs

  • We require US$30,000 to publish already finished 12 TEE course books for Diploma level.
  • At least six computers for our regional study centers.
  • Big photocopier for main office.
  • Reference books.
  • Automobile vehicle for transporting books.  

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Theological Education by Extension Programme  (TEE)      


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